Thrift Oil Company Joined Delta Oil Company in July of 1986, as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Thrift Oil company has been a petroleum distributor since 1919 in Saluda, Va., serving the counties of Middlesex, Mathews, and Gloucester.

Thrift Oil offers services similar to Delta Oil Company. We Deliver #2 Home Heating Oil, Red Dyed and Clear Kerosene, and all grades of gasoline and diesel. We will supply just about everyone from residential customers, to farmers, gas stations, marinas, or any other commercial use customer.

Thrift Oil Company is an authorized Exxon Distributor and is able to provide branded or unbranded product to commercial customers.

If you are interested in any service provided by Thrift Oil Company please call us!   2742 General Puller Highway Saluda, VA 23149 Phone: (804) 758-2366